Rev. Levi Caritas, Associate Pastor

As our newest staff member, Levi is excited to get to know people at Our Church. He loves to read, run, spend time outside, and explore new places: He's done ministry in four states over the last 25 years! Levi and his wife Ruth have two grown daughters. Levi holds a master’s in ministry leadership from Northwestern Seminary and a D. Min. in contextual theology from Bethel. He joined the staff in 2017. He is also responsible for managing Our Church's website. [read more...]

Rev. Jill Sutherland, Associate Pastor

Since coming to our church she worked with the congregation and staff to engage in mission and outreach efforts in the local and global community. [read more...]

Rev. John Snyder,

“I’m committed to a Church that is ‘solid at the core and loose at the margins,’ where real people with real lives can connect in a practical and transformative way to life’s ultimate meaning and purpose through prayer, study, and service,” said Rev. Snyder. “I’m excited about our church’s commitment to evangelism, growth and to reconnecting with the neighborhood and the city". [read more...]